Covid-19 update; the Precautions we are taking to keep you safe.

We are committed to creating a healthy and safe environment for all of our patients every day, and we thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Our office always practices a high level of infection control. During Covid-19 we have enhanced our infection control practices. We are in contact with both the ADA (American Dental Society) and the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) on a regular basis and we are following ALL of their standard precautions for patient care during this Pandemic.

PRESS RELEASE by American Dental Association dated Oct 2020; Report finds COVID-19 Rate Among Dentists is Less than One Percent, “This means that what dentists are doing – heightened infection control and increased attention to patient and dental team safety – is working.”

What are some of the Additional Infection Prevention and Control Practices we have in place, now?

  • Most of the office staff have received the vaccination
  • We Screen or Interview Patients for Known or Suspected Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection sometimes Before Appointment day, or on Treatment day
  • We Check Patients’ Temperatures with a Thermometer Before entering operatories
  • All Dentist and Staff Members’ temperatures are checked with a Thermometer at the Beginning of Their Shift
  • We Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces and Materials, Such as Pens or Light Switches
  • We Disinfect All Equipment in the Operatory Between Patients
  • We alternate operatory rooms so disinfectant works for longer
  • We are Scheduling Appointments Farther Apart, Asking Patients to Wait Elsewhere, or Asking Patients Not to Bring Companions, usually only having one patient in the office at any one time
  • We have Physical Protection in the Practice: we have barriers up at the front desk area and barriers at the opening of each operator
  • We have HEPA and UVA filters in EVERY room (waiting room, operatories and hallway) that clean the air every 4 minutes
  • We Provide Face Masks or Coverings to Staff Members. We Provide Face Masks or Coverings to Patients, when requested
  • And more…
Katapult MarketingCovid-19 update; the Precautions we are taking to keep you safe.